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Project Management, Marketing Management, Campaign, Media, Photography & Videography.

Photoshop - Premiere Pro - After Effects

Stock Contributor;   Arcangel (book cover agency), Alamy, Getty, Istock, Dreamtimes, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock.

I learned from the best, Brian Swinyard one of the top creative photographer in UK, Brian was a real inspiration, helping me in defining my vision, understanding how to transfer it into my photography, how to let go, to refine my own style!

Narrative visual, documentary, advocacy, funding, human culture and travel, humanity causes, peace, pollution, poverty, inequality, freedom, corporate social responsibilities. We all have something to communicate, our story,  opinions & concerns, ideas, knowledge, contributions..., let’s collaborate, social media marketing campaigns and presentations,

I enjoy the creative process from start to finish,  I am a team player I have a creative mind—and plenty of imagination.

I am resourceful, patient, and flexible and I have an eye for detail and great composition.

My goal is to put all the elements together “light, subject, angle, story and emotion “to deliver the right vision or message.

Most important, I am passionate with what I do, I am truly passionate about my craft.

Creative, communicator, details oriented personality, every session and every project photography and videography, are done with care and passion,

Whatever you have in mind, small and large project, photography, videography, post production and correction.

I have a network of creators that join me when needed in larger project.


St ock Contributeur; Arcangel Edition, Alamy, Adobe Stock

Photographie; la passion, l'immersion, la connexion et l'interaction avec le sujet, la liberté d'expression par le biais de la lentille.

J’ai étudié  avec un des meilleurs photographes créatifs du UK Brian Swinyard, Brian a été une véritable source d'inspiration, pour m'aider dans la définition de ma vision, comprendre comment la transférer dans ma photographie, affiner mon propre style!  Fine Art, environmental portraiture, photographie de conception et documentaire.

Prenons le temps d'écrire une histoire, elle peut être la vôtre,ou peut être pour quelqu'un que vous aimez ou une cause que vous souhaitez communiquer. Vous voulez documenter votre vision, votre DianeDugas_Photojournalist_Portrait_travel_Documentary_Content_Photography_Videography, Parksville, British Columbia



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